Fuck Yeah, Bad RPer Polar Bear!
We've all been there – cringing over fellow roleplayers' terrible grammar and language use, and the general failtasticness of their behavior and characters. This is why we decided to create Bad RPer Polar Bear, to act as sort of a support group for all of our ranting needs.

Feel free to rant in the form of a meme, or submit a story about your experiences.

Please note: If you want your submission to be anonymous, you MUST log out before submitting it.

I don’t really care about being Anonymous since I know that the people involved in this situation either do not care or are not on Tumblr RP and will never actually locate this. If they do, then good on you mate.

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Now before you scream bloody murder, listen to my story.
I’ve been blessed with a healthy upgrowth in the roleplaying community. I started rping with people my own age with the same experience as myself, and it grew from there. Therefore I have very few stories that could even be considered close to bad.
But this one has always irked me.When I first started roleplaying on tumblr (which was a huge change from what I was used to), I roleplayed with my OC, who will be known as Jack. I roleplayed with someone I still consider a friend, who I’ll call Abby. She had various muses. Then one time, Abby invited me to a small rp chat out of the blue. I’m always willing to try out new things, and I dropped in, seeing Abby and two of Abby’s friends from tumblr. They shall be known as Vicki with OC Bill and Irene with OC Tom.
Abby’s character (who is of less importance in the story), Bill, and Tom are all Canon characters, but very much AU versions of them. Notice that this was not knowledge I came into the rp knowing. Bill was pretty close to character, but Tom was very docile and nervous, while he in canon is more of the main bad guy.
Also, it’s important to know my OC Jack. Jack is a jackass (pun intended). He’s the kind of character considered evil, finding fun in causing other people misery, especially if it’s psychological. So from an IC perspective, seeing Tom (usually a bad guy himself) as a quiet thing was rather odd. And he noted it. Bill went to protect Tom from the harsh words, which was also very unusual.
Jack was having a field day. Personally I thought it went rather well too. That is until Vicki suddenly asked ooc if it could stop, because the chat was supposed to be silly. I was a little taken aback but told them Jack was Jack and not silly. She/they asked if it could stop, and I said that yeah, it was fine. I stopped interactions ic, though I did stick around. Abby approached me on skype asking if I was alright, and I was. Vicki had been clear that she/they didn’t want to rp with Jack and I had no intention to do silly things, so it was fine. The situation had been handled very maturely.
That is, until a couple of months later.
I was in a large skype group of various roleplayers. Not a RP group, but just people chatting. Both Vicki and Irene were there too, but they didn’t know I was the mun of Jack. Which was fine by me, seeing as I didn’t roleplay with them.
The group was talking about rp experiences when Irene mentioned there was only one time they had seen Vicki get annoyed with someone. And guess what, that’s the old situation with me. As I wasn’t part of the conversation, I didn’t say anything, but it bothered me. According to Irene, Vicki had said stop SEVERAL TIMES before I apparently got the hint.
Which brings me to the bear. Don’t expect anyone to understand that your character saying stop means YOU saying stop. Because that’s just unfair, no one can read minds. If you want to stop, talk to the mun, not the muse.
As a final note: While that version of Tom was a little surprising when I first saw him, I’ve since come to love the character. It’s a very well-done AU version.

Now before you scream bloody murder, listen to my story.

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Storytime with p0key

I’m not keeping myself anonymous, but the people involved will be 100% anonymous. To people that know me - this has nothing to do with the recent drama that’s been going on in a certain slice of a fandom I’m in (which is mostly my fault, I’ll admit I’ve been pretty shitty lately)!

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I shall call myself Bear, and this is the first story you’ll see from me, but it probably won’t be the last story that you see from me.[[MORE]]
I was once part of a science fiction RP forum (the fandom is close-knit enough that I won’t mention it) and an administrator there along with my friend “Lily”, the head admin “Deejay”, and a few other mods “Lulu” and “Franny”.
Deejay went on a hiatus, and we let him. We had four-month long hiatus limits before you had to at least update us on the situation, or we wouldn’t extend it. All things considered, we were quite generous compared to most forums and roleplays that I had seen.[[MORE]]
Four months went by, and Deejay hadn’t updated us. We let things slide, but several more months pass and we’d still heard no word from Deejay. By this point, we were debating whether to kick him from his admin position and the site (with the stipulation that he’d be welcome back if he wanted to rejoin, since we had no reason to ban him permanently).
Lily, Lulu, and I all agreed to kick him off, but Franny was vehemently opposed, saying that Deejay was the head admin and had created the site and that he should stay because of that. But since it was three-to-one, we kicked Deejay off.
Franny was furious as a result, and she left the site not long after that. I stumbled across her Deviantart page and saw that she had made a huge, angry rant in her Journal that we were horrible people for kicking the head admin off of a site that he had created, and that we were a terrible RP group for doing that.
Here’s the real kicker that made me want to hit my head: Lily, Lulu, and I are still in contact with Deejay. We have a Skype chatroom with the former members of that site that wanted to keep in touch, and the four of us are there with several others. Franny isn’t as she parted with us in such bad terms.
We spoke to Deejay, asking him if he was angry that we booted him off, and guess what?
He wasn’t upset.
In fact, he told us he was surprised we waited that long and that if it had been him, he would have kicked himself off.
So essentially, Franny is trying to make a huge deal out of absolutely nothing. Wow.

I shall call myself Bear, and this is the first story you’ll see from me, but it probably won’t be the last story that you see from me.

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I’ve had many, many terrible experiences over my years RPing. Usually this would be followed by a, “But none so bad as this.” But, unfortunately, it’s not. This is not nearly the worst thing that’s happened to me, it’s only the one that’s irking me most currently given my other ones have ended a while back. Hold onto your hats and settle in with a drink of your choice, however, because this one gets incredibly long and detailed.

I RP one character in a small fandom. Not ‘only five people’ tiny, but small enough that everyone follows everyone else, though we do have most of the main characters covered once or twice over.

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Okay, I have a little story I wanna share.

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So I figured I’d share my grossest rp story here. I rarely rp anymore outside small, private groups of friends and acquaintances with tons of OOC communication, and shit like this is why.

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I’m honestly annoyed and angry that this thing happens because some people just blatantly ignored what all RPers have agreed on, then they went and caused problems that shouldn’t even have happened in the first place.
This is gonna’ be a long story because this issue is just the root.
So, my fandom is a well - known old fandoms and its RP community in Tumblr has been flourishing rapidly in the last 2 years. But growth, as we all know, doesn’t always bring good things. Then again as mentioned above, the bad stuffs don’t necessarily have to happen. But it did. It infuriates me.
The issue started around early this year when one of my fellow RPer who had sadistic, cruel sentient zombie/vampire OCs have the OCs forcefully turned another OC (belongs to my other friend) into a zombie/vampire and supposedly molested the OC. In a consensual RP thread. Then another OC owned by the same mun who owns the zombie/vampire OCs blamed a rape victim OC owned by the mun of zombie/vampire victim OC and used slurs. Again, in a consensual RP thread.
Now the identical point of both stories is that both happened in consensual. RP. threads. With read mores littering the posts and the nsfw tag on top.
Of course this thing is completely normal, I mean everyone knows it’s just an RP about asshole muses being assholes whereas the muns who are RPing them either freaked the freak out because their muses got out of control but decided to keep going or they already planned this all out for the sake of interaction and mutual character development. It happens every time in RPing, right? Besides, everyone knows that the muses aren’t the muns, right?
Yeah, nope.
Apparently there are people who didn’t see it as that. Some time after the RPs are finished, they just straight up called my friend, especially who RPed as the mean OCs, as a rapist, rape apologist, transphobic, claiming that she deliberately triggered them, and other stuffs. Just because the mun’s OCs behave that way and she’s not gonna’ change it just because they don’t like it.
Not only that but they also attacked those who interact regularly with her, and when they don’t comply with their wish to stop interacting with said mun, they throw tantrums. Another thing that I really hate is that they have random anons backing them up and sending hate messages to those who interact with her.
Including my friend (mun of victim OCs) and she’s already already suffering from depression. personality disorder, and she’s also suicidal. To make it worse, her personality disorder made her fixate on things thus she can’t ever ignore it every time she got called out by her attackers and the constant hate sent on her way is making her situation even worse. Especially when they ignorantly said that trans people became trans by choice. It really infuriated her. The attack peaked when one of the attackers posted a fake suicide post.
Ridiculous Anons who didn’t know the truth just went and attacked her relentlessly about it, saying that she drove the attacker to commit suicide. That really took a toll on her emotional health. For God’s sake, she even attempted suicide recently and I can’t stop crying when I found out about it. She’s safe now but it’s obvious he’s already scarred from all of it and became paranoid, that she’s scared of reaching out to people and she at times thinks that everyone hates her.
To top it off, one of the attackers even set up a list of people in the fandom who should be avoided. Why, just because they don’t like them and their works. Guess who are on the list? The mun of mean OCs, my friend who got continuously attacked, some popular fandom artists even, and surprise, surprise, other RPers who don’t agree with them.
As if the list is not enough, now they set up a blog with the list on it and people can just suggest other names to them. When told that the people aren’t even doing anything wrong and by attacking them, especially the ones who suffer from depression is just making the situation worse for them, do you know what they say?
"Good. It’ll be their lesson."
I don’t know whether to laugh or scream at their absolute idiocy.
This problem still continues until now since they’re a bunch of stubborn people who keeps justifying themselves despite them doing all sorts of wrong things who can’t be stopped no matter what people say. It upsets me that this issue tainted our once fun - filled, open - minded, and supportive community. I fully regret that all of this even happening in the first fandom that introduced me to Tumblr’s RP community.
But you know, if nothing can stop them, let them do what they want. Then hopefully someday, let it be their downfall.

I’m honestly annoyed and angry that this thing happens because some people just blatantly ignored what all RPers have agreed on, then they went and caused problems that shouldn’t even have happened in the first place.

This is gonna’ be a long story because this issue is just the root.

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This is a bit more a cry for help than a story. I figured if anyone should know the best way to proceed it would be other roleplayers.

I have a roleplaying partner who overall is a pretty good writer, and tries to continually produce equal amounts of plot and characters into the mix. I spend a lot of energy dodging around being asked to roleplay because they have instead become the partner I dread most. They’re one who asks to roleplay every day.

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This isn’t as bad as some stories I’ve seen on here, but a recent meme reminded me of it, and I just want to share this to maybe help me get it off my chest.

I roleplay in a smaller fandom—enough so that not every character has representation and many members are close to each other.  It’s from a game series in which the characters are different every game, and we don’t even have all the characters from one game.  It isn’t uncommon that one person will have multiple blogs for different characters, sometimes across games, especially since we’re missing a LOT of characters, with varying activity.  The person in question here roleplayed as S, from one game, while I was Y from another.

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