Fuck Yeah, Bad RPer Polar Bear!
We've all been there – cringing over fellow roleplayers' terrible grammar and language use, and the general failtasticness of their behavior and characters. This is why we decided to create Bad RPer Polar Bear, to act as sort of a support group for all of our ranting needs.

Feel free to rant in the form of a meme, or submit a story about your experiences.

Please note: If you want your submission to be anonymous, you MUST log out before submitting it.
Letting it go

I’m sure we all can relate to these kind of stories. The loss of a partner not through dramatics, but simply from just drifting apart. It’s happened plenty of times and I still look back on these partners with fondness. This one incident has left me with feelings of anger, however.

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To be honest, I’m getting sick of strong muses. These are the muses with too complex complications in there backstory explaining that they were bullied, how they want to get revenge, for some muses that are demigods, some of them rebelling against their parents… I’ve seen too many of them.

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The RPer who only did the bare minimum

So I need to vent. In the current roleplay I’m participating in, there’s this guy who’s just not pulling his weight. He shall go by Care, as he is the opposite of that when it comes to actively participating. My current standing is as a Vice GM or Junior GM of sorts. Nothing much. Just planning what happens in the future. Unfortunately, as a Junior GM, I had to deal with Care the most.

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I promised myself that I would never come and make a post on a blog like this. I never thought I would have the need to. I am usually a very happy roleplayer who doesn’t get jealous at anyone or anything. Mainly because everything seems to always work out for me. I guess I just never expected something like this to happen to me.

I feel heartbroken, thrown to the side like a used piece of paper, betrayed, angry, shocked, surprised, and so many other things I should not be feeling at all. Not for a couple of muses.

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So a while back, after the RP groups I’d been in had more or less disbanded or fallen into inactivity, I started looking for something new to join. Because it was really just a way to kill some time, rather than looking for anything terribly serious, I joined this next generation Gossip Girl RP, because while I wasn’t a huge fan of the show me and a friend used to watch it and I liked the premise enough.

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Alright, as I write this, I’m on the verge of tears. I’d never thought I’d send something to this blog.

I roleplay in a rather small community. There’s this one mun, whom I’ll call Scale, who’s pretty nice but gets a crap-ton of hate from one user, whom I’ll call Marble. Marble is unfortunately very popular in the fandom.

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I’m going to substitute names from another fandom for this. Here is our intrepid cast:

Jaune: My elder brother character
Blake: My younger sister character
Roman: My friend’s character
Lie Rin: One of Jaune’s best friends
Velvet: The mun with which I’ve had problems

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I’m so sorry about this but I just have to rant a little bit about this one RPer I had and didn’t know where else to go to rant. I’m going to back track a little bit so everyone can understand where I come from. If you don’t want to read then please don’t, just go ahead and pay no mind to me.

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The Sue that got his comeuppance…?

Here’s a story I’ve wanted to get off my chest for awhile, about my first and last (as of right now) experience with Dungeons and Dragons. I know it’s not forums or anything like most stories here are, but it has plenty to do with bad characters and bad roleplayers.

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Parseemun Returns

A long time ago, I said our chat should have died happy rather than continuing awful. Considering how much I feel the need to submit here, that would have been for the best.

I’ve heard Mokou’s side of the story, and I’m going to tell you exactly what we’ve been simultaneously going through in the same chat.

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