Fuck Yeah, Bad RPer Polar Bear!
We've all been there – cringing over fellow roleplayers' terrible grammar and language use, and the general failtasticness of their behavior and characters. This is why we decided to create Bad RPer Polar Bear, to act as sort of a support group for all of our ranting needs.

Feel free to rant in the form of a meme, or submit a story about your experiences.

Please note: If you want your submission to be anonymous, you MUST log out before submitting it.

I’m going to substitute names from another fandom for this. Here is our intrepid cast:

Jaune: My elder brother character
Blake: My younger sister character
Roman: My friend’s character
Lie Rin: One of Jaune’s best friends
Velvet: The mun with which I’ve had problems

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I’m so sorry about this but I just have to rant a little bit about this one RPer I had and didn’t know where else to go to rant. I’m going to back track a little bit so everyone can understand where I come from. If you don’t want to read then please don’t, just go ahead and pay no mind to me.

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The Sue that got his comeuppance…?

Here’s a story I’ve wanted to get off my chest for awhile, about my first and last (as of right now) experience with Dungeons and Dragons. I know it’s not forums or anything like most stories here are, but it has plenty to do with bad characters and bad roleplayers.

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Parseemun Returns

A long time ago, I said our chat should have died happy rather than continuing awful. Considering how much I feel the need to submit here, that would have been for the best.

I’ve heard Mokou’s side of the story, and I’m going to tell you exactly what we’ve been simultaneously going through in the same chat.

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Parseemun: The Movie

Okay, since my shenanigans are probably getting old, I’ll try to keep this one brief. Marisa dun hecked up again.

But first, lemme tell y’all about Nitori.

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A long while back, I roleplayed with someone who we’ll call V.

V was one of those people who was a huge mass of all the usual bad roleplayer traits. They refused to play any pairing position except submissive, almost never contributed to the plot or its progression, insisted on only playing one or two characters at a time while I was forced to play dozens, and always wanted their character to be the exact same person, the backstory to be the exact same, and they never lost. And that’s not just battles. That’s everything.

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I used to always RP with this one person. For sake of reference we’ll call them A.

We’ve done many many RPs together, but after a while he became very controlling. (Note that most of our RPs involved magical creatures. It’s an important reference later on.) Everything had to be done his way and the way he wanted.

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I used to rp with a small group of people on deviantArt, but they were actually all pretty bad Sues and I didn’t really want to, but I didn’t have much choice since I couldn’t talk to all my other partners anymore.

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TW: Implied Rape
Okay so this really happened to me. I still can’t believe it. I’ve been rping for almost 10 years now and I’ve never had anyone do something quite this nutty before.
Fake names, naturally; My friend Bread and the ‘offender’, Walken (throwback to that story about the Walkens, which reminded me of this guy). [[MORE]]
Now, Walken played a villain character. In fact, every single one of his chosen characters were big bads in the fandom we rped in. Walken was always sort of sensitive about his characters being vilified for some reason though, even though he had them do heinous things and then brag about them.
Bread really admired Walken’s writing, and had done rps with them in the past. Bread and I also had a lot of running plots together, and even working on our first pairing. So, it was natural that my characters ended up talking with Walken’s, Bread often bringing Walken’s characters into our plot.
I didn’t know it at the time, but Walken really liked my main character. My character at the time was sort of a flirt, but they made it well-known they were in love with Bread’s character. Bread’s character was confused over their feelings, so at the time they were just sorting things out romantically.
My character, who we’ll call Brat, was a rich snobby barely legal teen who thought Bread’s character Hero would always bail them out of every terrible situation they got themselves into. Walken’s character, Creep, was a 50-year-old crime boss who was sort of friendly with Hero and didn’t seem to mind when Brat didn’t take Creep very seriously and would playfully flirt with Creep.
At first, Creep’s behavior seemed playful despite the character being very serious all the time. Bread and I just figured Walken was loosening up a bit, when Creep would flirt back with Brat. None of us took it seriously, as Brat was still very adamant about his crush on Hero.
Then, I started getting a bit of a weird vibe but decided to ignore it. My character Brat was on the run from the police for something he framed Hero for doing, and so was struggling with wanting to turn himself in a gesture of his feelings for Hero. Creep caught wind of this, and he made a pretty creepy proposition.
He wanted Brat to come be Creep’s personal prostitute, and Creep would use his mob ties to clear Brat’s name and solve all his problems. But Brat was in love with Hero, he didn’t want to leave him.
At this point, the stress of all this relationship stuff had gotten to Hero. Around the same time, and with both of us not even thinking about it, Hero got an invitation from Creep’s lackey to go on vacation. Being a carefree and sometimes gullible person, Hero didn’t think anything of it, and decided to use the opportunity to sort out his feelings for Brat.
Well, it was all a set up. Halfway through the vacation, Hero ends up held hostage by Creep’s henchman, and Brat is told if he doesn’t sleep with Creep that Hero could be killed or never allowed to come home. Hero begs him not to do it, but feeling like he had no choice, Brat goes through with it.
Out of character, I barely knew Walken and he hadn’t even run this plot by me before going through with it. But, because we were all friends, I just took it in stride. Bread wasn’t very happy about making her usually carefree character deal with his love interest being raped, and I really had no interest in it either. I did like the plot though, so I went to Walken to discuss a compromise.
I told him, maybe Creep makes Brat think he’s going to rape him, but actually doesn’t. Like it’s a scare tactic. Walken is hesitant about this plot change, and is being kind of a stubborn asshole about it - he seems to really want to have sex with Brat. I told him I just wasn’t comfortable with that, not just because of the age difference but because my character was in love with Hero and it would really negatively impact their relationship.
Walken finally agrees, and we start the scene. The whole thing was super uncomfortable, and I kept having Brat try to delay the act and keep giving Creep opportunity to spring the twist. But it never happened. Creep kept going, getting increasingly more impatient and finally forcing himself on Brat.
I went OOC, and I was pretty irritated, I asked Walken what the hell he was doing, we had agreed we wouldn’t be smutting in public for one thing - and I got this gem; "Sorry, I can’t control my muse".
He then when on to explain that he thought about not doing the rape, but his muse forced his hand, and there was just nothing he could do about it.
We’re already almost done with the scene and we were already so far into this plot, I just had my character pass out so it was no longer a challenge to rape him. This seemed to pacify Creep, who decided to pull the creepiest daddy schtick to make him seem sympathetic despite having almost raped someone that I’ve ever seen.
The fall out from that was pretty much everyone who knew Brat being royally pissed off and upset at Creep, and Walken throwing a bit baby tantrum and leaving the RP all together because no one understood his character. He even tried making Creep do nice stuff and seem more lenient, even though he never even apologized and continuously called Brat disgusting and a slew of other names, saying how he never even liked him and only raped him to show him his place. Lovely.
Keep in mind, OOC, we were all very nice to Walken throughout this. His character being a villain didn’t mean we weren’t friends, and it was all just writing to us. But that didn’t stop him from giving us the cold shoulder and claiming we were bullying him when our characters didn’t forgive his.
Moral of the story is that you are in fact responsible for what your character does, and you have all the power to stop them if someone else isn’t okay with what they’re doing. Making excuses just because you want smut when someone else isn’t comfortable is seriously messed up, and a total dick move.

TW: Implied Rape

Okay so this really happened to me. I still can’t believe it. I’ve been rping for almost 10 years now and I’ve never had anyone do something quite this nutty before.

Fake names, naturally; My friend Bread and the ‘offender’, Walken (throwback to that story about the Walkens, which reminded me of this guy).

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Are we being trolled?

I’m a co-admin of a roleplay that’s dying. Our members keep dropping likes flies due to pressures from school, and no one seems interested in joining despite us—well, me—running daily ads on the tags. I really love this group, but at this point, there are literally four people in total in the whole group, and I am the only one who’s actually on everyday. It’s becoming really hard to stay interested, but I keep pushing through because I love the character I made for it, and I’ve gotten to be friends with my few members.

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